Rewards Terms & Conditions

  1. Points

    1. Do not have any cash value and are not convertible into cash or credit;

    2. Apply only to Account holders who has acquired the services of ATC Couriers

    3. without limiting the generality of 2(a), the Company’s supply of a container or equipment as part of the Services is not evidence in itself that the Company acts as a principal.

    4. Are solely a unit of measurement adopted by ATC Couriers and not any form of contractual right, property or currency

    5. Can only be earned after an account with ATC Couriers is approved and only after the verification process has been established.

    6. Have earn methods and rates which may be limited, withdrawn, modified, cancelled, increased or otherwise amended from time to time by Us; and

    7. Have redemption methods and rates which may be limited, withdrawn, modified, cancelled, increased or otherwise amended from time to time by Us.

    8. Can be viewed by login into “redeem my point” at any time.

    9. accrue on every dollar you spend and become available to redeem upon every dollar you pay.


  2. Redeeming points for rewards

    1. In the Terms and Conditions, references to the redemption of Points are references to the account holders request to ATC Couriers, to manage the process under which the Program Partner is directed to supply a Reward to the account holder.

    2. Points may only be redeemed in the manner set out on the ATC Couriers website.

    3. Without limiting the above, ATC Couriers may, at any time, apply or change any additional terms regarding the redemption of Points for types of Reward.

    4. The number of Points held in the Account must be sufficient for the particular Reward requested by the account holder at the time of processing their redemption request.

    5. The number of Points to be redeemed and monetary value required for a particular Reward is set out on the         redemption page upon login and is subject to change at any time without notice.

    6. We may, in our absolute discretion, at any time without notice and without liability:

    7. alter the number of Points required to obtain a particular Reward;

    8. impose times in which Rewards will not be available;

    9. make any changes (including withholdings and cancellations) to Rewards and their availability (including by limiting, withdrawing, modifying, cancelling or increasing the availability) from time to time;

    10. withdraw, cancel, withhold, replace, substitute, deny access to, or use of, or in any way change any of the Rewards previously advertised, offered to or accepted by any Member without notice; and/or

    11. impose additional restrictions on a Reward or conditions for obtaining a Reward

    12. supply a substitute Reward that is different from the particular Reward a Member has requested. ATC Couriers will endeavour to ensure that any substitute Rewards will be of a comparable value and nature to the Reward requested by the Member and will attempt to obtain the Member’s agreement to the substitute Reward.

    13. All Rewards are subject to availability and restrictions imposed from time to time by the supplier of the Rewards. Separate terms and conditions may govern the Account holder’s relationship with Program Partners and the supply of Rewards.

    14. ATC Couriers will take reasonable care when advertising available Rewards.

    15. Should a Member have any claim regarding the quality or otherwise of a Reward, the Member should direct that claim to the supplier of that Reward.